…something to ponder…

…something to ponder…deadbeat dads who never pay a cent in arrears in child support can easily get their suspended drivers licenses back with a minimal “effort” to pay toward back child support owed…I know from experience that one time years and years ago, all it took was a payment of 37cents…yes, I got a child support check for 37cents…the postage it cost to mail that ridiculous check was more than the check I received!

what is tragic and a sign that something is wrong with our justice system is that “most states also suspend licenses for failure to pay traffic fines, another policy that critics say creates a quicksand of debt. The American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators has complained that suspensions should be reserved for dangerous drivers, not indebted ones.

For many families, a driver’s license suspension is the beginning of a descent into abject poverty for which there is no escape…”



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