My 18 year old…my how time flies!

My son is far from perfect and together we will have moments where I will question my own sanity as I wonder what planet he came from and why it seems that his brain is forever in his butt…it is during those trying and tumultuous times that I yearn for those early years with my kiddo because life just seemed so much simpler back then when our biggest concern was “which park are we going to play at today?”

I used to wonder when he was little if he listened to anything I ever said to him or heeded any life lesson I’ve ever tried to teach and instill in him…It is *now* in those unexpected, unplanned and unguarded moments when in the conversations we share that I learn all of the struggle, the arguments and the sacrifices have not been in vain…that in some ways, despite all the odds, I somehow managed to raise one of the good guys (ALL BY MYSELF), giving me infinite hope for the future…his experiences combined with the craziness that has been our life together has impacted and shaped who he is now as an adult and how he sees the world.

I am blessed and proud of the “adult” my son has grown into and to finally be able to “reap” the rewards of sacrifice I made for all those years and if I never accomplish anything else in this world, just knowing that I that made my son a way better me than I can ever hope to be is all I need to be happy.


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