…high school can suck big time…

…high school can suck and kids are so f#%^ing cruel…what is amazing and so very cool about this story is how this young woman responded to be being voted one of the ugliest girls at her school via an online poll.

…in her Facebook response she writes,

“I know I’m not the prettiest thing to look at.
(But) if that’s your idea of ugly then I feel sorry for you.”

I’m sorry that you get amusement out of making people feel like s–t.

I’m sorry that you’ll never get the chance to know the kind of person I am.

I may not look okay on the outside.
But I’m funny, nice, kind, down to earth, not judgemental, accepting, helpful, and I’m super easy to talk to.”

…having been bullied in high school and being told by my peers (and the immature guys) in high school that I am ugly, it feels like the end of the world…

but you know what? I’m so over what others think of my appearance or whether they think I’m pretty because I’m comfortable with me and who I am…I’m not looking to conform to someone else’s standard of beauty, I’m just looking to be me…and as such, I have always taught my kiddo, “never judge a book by its cover because today’s ugly duckling could easily grow up to be tomorrow’s beautiful swan…”

and through some weird cosmic fate, years ago, my son ended up at a party being hosted by a boy I went to high school with who felt I was ugly…the story was significant enough that I had shared it with my son and he has always remembered the story…because after the party,he couldn’t wait to get home to tell me, “mom, that boy who was mean to you and felt you were ugly did not age well at all (translate: fat and bald)…and as much as I hate that people (he means guys) look at you, you definitely aged better than he did!”…out of the mouth of babes!


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