What I Remember Most About 2015

It’s that time of year again and following tradition, my kiddo compiled a list of the most memorable events that had occurred in his life in 2015.

What I Remember Most About 2015 by my kiddo

What I remember most about 2015

  1. Candlestick Park is torn down – So many memories here and it was sad to see it go.  My mom took me to my FIRST Giants baseball game there when I was 2 months old!
  2. Ari’s 50’s-90’s themed Debut party
  3. 2014-2015 Arroyo Wresting Team: League champs and of the 13 varsity wrestlers we took to league, 9 qualified for NCS2015 including me when won by pin in the finals at league and secured my spot by placing 3rd! Not too shabby for my first year as a VARSITY high school wrestler! I didn’t know then that these moments and the high points in my life would be how I would end my high school wrestling career. Thank you to my coaches for always believing in me and never giving up on me!
  4. How can administrators at school think I stole a long-board and because of how my eyebrows look, think I was in a gang? Yup, some of the adventures I had during the last part of my Junior year in high school.
  5. Lots of recovery milk tea, recovery burgers and recovery pho…for all the very painful appointments
  6. Thanks to my mom, the 2014-2015 Arroyo High School’s Wrestling Team was featured on KPIX5’s “Cool School” segment
  7. Even though my 2015 High School Swim Season started late, I finished FIRST in my 500Free (the first time I placed first in competition) and dropped a second off my personal best on my 50Free at the Piedmont High School swim meet and consistently dropped time in all my events for the rest of the season.
  8. Got super sick during taper week right before High School champs and final rehearsals for the choir’s spring production of “Give My Regards To Broadway!”
  9. Going to Idaho and seeing my #BestFriend and #ChildhoodPal Lexus graduate from high school. Makes me really appreciate all the yummy milk tea places we have here in the Bay Area because Lexus has to drive to Boise to get milk tea. I tried milk tea Idaho style and let’s say I’m really lucky to live in the Bay Area!
  10. Karissa graduates, has a roaring 20’s good-bye party and moves to Portland to finish school! SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS!
  11. BFD2015 – Was a family day…spent it with Karissa, Alex, Christian and Victor. Loved the Subsonic tent!
  12. Not a Felarca/Embry birthday party unless someone gets caked! Was a bonus to see TWO people (Austin & Kyle) get caked!
  13. Saw Annie the Musical.
  14. The Warriors won the championship…first time in 40 years!
  15. Celebrating my 18th birthday with Victor, Daniel, Austin, Diego and Geo with a dim sum brunch, a milk tea run, build your own burgers at The Counter and the yummy burnt almond cake!
  16. Got my Learner’s Permit – Drove on the freeway for the first time…because I wanted to go shopping at the Great Mall in Milpitas!
  17. 2015 Summer Swim Season: Probably of all the years I did summer league, this was my best. I am a distance swimmer and not a sprinter but I continued to consistently drop time in all my events and “found” my secondary stroke, In one race my personal best was 2 1st place finishes and 2 3rd place finishes; seeded 10th for 50Breast at Champs (first time I seeded the top 10 and a lot higher than many of the guys I have swam with for years). At Champs, dropped 1 second off my 50Breast time and placed 10th overall for the event. My goal was to either drop time or place 10th or better. I did both!
  18. Got my 2nd piercings…at work!
  19. Met Congressman Eric Swalwell.
  20. Lexus came to visit us! “Ples listen to your goat or you will shart” – taking a trip down memory lane with Lexus during her visit with us and because of crazy Bay Area traffic, her stay with us got extended by ONE day! Lots of milk tea places, yummy food and fun adventures!
  21. Celebrating my friend Nikko’s 19th birthday with him surrounded by awesome people and delicious food!
  22. Capture the Flag with my swim teammates!
  23. Demolition of the SL CCS campus…so many memories there!  Lexus and I took a trip down memory lane and visited the campus before it got closed down.
  24. Great America with Lexus and Victor.
  25. Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk with Victor and Glen.
  26. Guardians of the Galaxy movie night at work!
  27. Celebrated the end of summer swim season at the pool by going paintballing in Dublin…in 104 degree heat!
  28. Mix-up at Registration Day for Senior Year and up until the day before school started, I wasn’t sure WHICH school I would be going to-I was hoping that my summer vacation would be extended! No such luck!
  29. Oh, this was funny…why did the chicken cross the toll plaza? Yup, a loose chicken stops traffic at that toll plaza one morning.
  30. Road to 50 Tour-Saw the 8 Bay Area Lombardi SuperBowl Trophies!
  31. Senior Year so far: Senior Pics, Senior Sunrise, Senior Picnic, LAST Helmet Game (yay Arroyo for getting the Helmet back) and Senior Cruise with Thalia
  32. Halloween Haunt 2015 with Victor and Thalia
  33. Uncle Robert getting married – Welcome to the family Auntie Brenda!
  34. Learning to tie a self-tie bow tie!
  35. November 13, 2015 – I will forever remember it as the day of my first semi-formal, the Senior Cruise. The world will remember it as the day 115.200 lives were lost when terrorists attacked Paris, Japan and Mexico had an earthquake, a funeral was bombed in Baghdad, and there was a suicide bombing in Beirut.
  36. The Dragonette show at PopScene
  37. Meeting Belle.



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