…sometimes, okay, many times as a mom, I *always* wonder if I’ve done a “good enough” job raising my son, especially on my own….you know, have I taught him right from wrong or just to be a good, productive, respectable and accountable member in our society…this afternoon while en route to meet me at work, he saw some people yelling and belittling a homeless person…hearing this, something told him he needed to put a stop to it and they looked at him like he was crazy especially when he told them that they should just leave the guy alone…the people stopped in their tracks at my son’s statement…as he recounted the story to me later on, he said, “homeless or not, that person being yelled at and belittled is still a person and regardless of their situation or place in life, all lives matters” and that was exactly what he told those people.


…extended summer vacation? NOPE!…

…because somehow, someone at the school district believed that my son is so very ninja and stealthy like as he managed to be a student at a school for the past 3 years without having an inter-district transfer in place at his current school, allowing him to attend the school in the first place, we are attempting to register him for school AGAIN today…I am so not hopeful.

,,,my kiddo who has always seen life as “the glass is half full” (and wonders who drank the other half) saw a “silver lining” in the whole fiasco and enthusiastically asked, “since I’m not enrolled at school in San Lorenzo or San Leandro, does that mean I don’t have to go to school after all and I get an extended summer vacation?”…that would be a BIG negative but yeah, nice try buddy…even the principal found humor in my kiddo’s response.

…felt like the swim season just began..

it felt like yesterday the summer swim season was just beginning and who knew what laid in store for us.  we knew going in that my B wasn’t a sprinter but that’s never been his focus, to have to place at his various events…his goal has always been to drop time and if he places, that’s an added bonus.  he swims for the love of the water and to be around his team…and it was icing on the cake that this was by far my B’s best swim season EVER!…to a lot of people, coming in 10th may not be a big deal but for us, this was huge!…my B said ago that since he seeded 10th for the 50 Breast, his goal for champs was to either place 10th or better in that event…well, the results were just posted and not only did he drop time but he maintained the 10th place spot (plus earning points for his team)…ALSO, in his last event for #EBSLChamps2015, he dropped 2 seconds off his 100 IM…and with that, our summer swim season is officially over. #WayToGoKiddo #ProudMom #GoSharkbaitGo

…saving the best for last…

…saving the best for last…out of all of his friends/classmates who are graduating this year, I believe my B will be one of the last to take his senior pics…that’s totally fine by me as it gives me more time to still process all of this and let it sink in…that I raised another human being, my kiddo…all by myself…it hasn’t always been easy but I’m very proud of the young man that my B has grown into and despite outward challenges he has had to face, he goes thru life with a smile on his face…if nothing else, I definitely raised a better me than I can ever hope to be because no matter what life throws at him, rather than wallow in negativity, he sees the positive in *every* situation…this is the kid who always sees the world as “the glass as half full” and wonders who drank the other half!

…in the meantime however, I’m loving the fact that his friends are posting their senior pics…and man, these kids clean up so nicely!

…out of the mouth of babes…

…don’t know if it’s a good or bad thing this happened…I had been doing dishes and we were talking…

B: “what happened to your nails? I thought the manicures you get are supposed to last a while and your nails just don’t look right…”

…it’s been about 3.5 weeks and my kid apparently noticed that I’m in serious need of a manicure…#OutIfTheMouthOfBabes #JustAnotherDayInTheLifeOfUs

MORE #StupidityIsPervasiveAndItIsHighlyContagious

let’s file this under another example of  #StupidityIsPervasiveAndItIsHighlyContagious

…oh the hoops i must jump through all the time never seems to end…somehow the school district believed that my son didn’t have an inter-district transfer in place at his current school allowing for him to attend a school which is NOT in our home district…i’m scratching my head over this because my son has only been at this school for the past 3 years…so somehow am I to believe that because my son is really ninja and stealthy-like (more so than I was aware of apparently), he must’ve miraculously gotten enrolled at his current school without “permission” and going through the proper channels…

all joking aside, this was NOT the thing we want to hear the summer before SENIOR year that my son will need to start over and leave everything and everyone he knows behind?  really?

***this didn’t sit well with me…and mama bear wasn’t having any of this crap!**

since it’s summer vacay, I really didn’t expect a response back until at least August but to my surprise, in less than 12 hours after I fired off the email, i received a response back from the school district…the letter was apparently sent out in “error” (and it is my understanding we weren’t the only ones this impacted by this “error”)…SO all is good in our world again.

…and this happened…restoring my faith in people…

…a long, long time ago…a whole lifetime ago actually, i used to play the bridge toll game and pay for people behind me…just because…and good karma and all that stuff…but when bridge tolls started going up and up and up, it really wasn’t practical and really, by that time, I had my B…so i didn’t have that kind of “just because” disposable income…this morning, in my haze and confusion, i left my wallet at home…and i don’t have fastrak…as i’m pulling up to the toll plaza, i’m in a panic…and just as i’m passing the toll booth, the toll taker said to me, “the guy in front of you paid your toll…have a nice day!”…pleasant surprise and what a relief! lol

how do you say…fumbling with chinglish…

…i’m ashamed to admit that my kid can’t speak a lick of Chinese (except if it pertains to family members, food, eating, doing homework, or sitting still…lol) and what happens? he gets the Chinese kids in his class who apparently doesn’t speak English…and he didn’t know how to say “kick the water” and “blow bubbles in the water”…so in a panic, he calls me…I asked, “there’s a chinese word for bubbles, really?”…he responds, “that’s what I’m asking you!”…hopefully google translate didn’t give us something weird that isn’t bubbles…and I have to add, with chinese, it’s all about inflection…if he says it wrong, instead of telling the kids to blow bubbles in the water, he could potentially be telling them to do something to their grandma!

…after all that, the kids had no clue what he was talking about…it wasn’t his American accent attempting to say the words…he made it work somehow and it was cute hearing him speak the new phrases of chinese…what B didn’t know was that the kids spoke a totally different dialect other than Cantonese and Mandarin because apparently that was news to him as he asked me, “there’s other dialects???!!” all I have to say is life with B is always an adventure!




happy 18th birthday my love!

happy 18th birthday my love!

i can’t believe that i’m saying this and that as of 537pm today, i am officially the mother of an ADULT!!…yup, no more TEENAGER, kinda…lol

it seems like just yesterday that i held newborn you in my arms, brought you home from the hospital, helped you take your first steps, waited anxiously for you to say your first word (which unfortunately was the babysitter’s name!)…and then in the blink of an eye, you started Kindergarten!…while all the other kids screamed bloody murder when their parents walked away from them, you hugged me, gave me a kiss goodbye and walked to your seat…it was i who bawled my eyes out because at that moment, i wanted you to need me the way the other kids needed their parents…but in retrospect, i’m glad you didn’t cling onto me for dear life like the other kids did because in that one moment (among many others during the past 18 years) you showed me just how amazingly independent you are.

from the moment you entered my life, you have been my everyday blessing and the BEST thing that has ever happened to me…as hard as it’s been at times, my life is better because of you being in it…for 18+ years, it’s been me and you kiddo, taking on the world, just us two and it was along this journey we have called our life, we sort of grew up together…until you came along, i had no idea how to be a Mom…so unfortunately, i’ve had to do all of my learning and failings with you…all i knew was that i loved you more than anything in this world, i still do, and always will…(yes, even during the difficult teenage years that made the “terrible two’s” look like a cakewalk!)…my hope is that the choices i’ve made along the way, good, bad or indifferent, have been the right ones for you.  i know that the “adult” world you’re moving into can be unpredictable and cruel at times.  my hope is that over the years and in the short time i’ve had to teach and guide you, i’ve given you enough ‘tools’ to make it in this world without too much difficulty.

parenting you has been one hell of a ride and as rough as it may have been at times, i wouldn’t trade a moment of it or give up a second i’ve spent with you, worrying about you, loving you, laughing with you and yes, even arguing with you. it’s been 18 years of pure emotion that ran the gamut ranging from love, joy, worry, anger, frustration and terror.

it never ceases to amaze me that you came from me because you are NOTHING like me!  whereas i see the glass half empty, you have always seen the glass as half full and wonder who drank the other half!  you are confident and self-assured and no one is going to otherwise because you KNOW who you are!

this past year has been the toughest in your life and as hard as things have been, you never let setbacks get you down and you just plow forward with a smile on your face.

eighteen summers flew by so very quickly and i couldn’t have asked for a better son…you have grown into a sweet, caring, smart and incredibly funny young man.  i am proud of you always and i know in the crazy hustle bustle that is our life, i don’t tell you this often enough.

hope your 18th birthday is as amazing and wonderful as you are.  the sky’s the limit…so dream big, soar above the clouds and reach for the stars!

now and always, i love you all my world!

…dazed and totally confused

..I have to say, life with a teenager is all kinds of fun…and there’s absolutely nothing like waking up at 2am totally dazed and confused than perhaps as I was trying to wipe the sleep from my eyes and I’m slowly trying to process and make sense of everything around me…in that blurry state of consciousness, I hear the song “dazed and confused” blasting throughout the house…on repeat…yeah, that was me this morning…thanks to da teenager! #JustAnotherDayInTheLifeOfUs